Mad Dog Foam Nozzle

The original “MAD DOG” was developed by a fire captain who wasn’t satisfied with available aspirating foam nozzles. He focused on developing a nozzle where firefighter safety, foam quality, and cost were paramount. After two years of laboratory research and refinement in actual wildfire conditions, The “MAD DOG” was unleashed.

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The Mad Doam Foam Nozzle is built in the USA!

“I just wanted to tell you a little about my experience with the Mad Dog Nozzle. I first got to use this nozzle at the Tea Incident in Santa Barbara (Montecito, CA). It provided a great blanket of foam while using a very small amount of concentrate from the tank. We got to use many different types of nozzles during this incident and I felt that the Mad Dog Nozzle was the best by far. Two days later we were dispatched to the Freeway Incident and the Madd Dog Nozzle was our first and only choice. It was great for mop up operations and very light weight, which after being up for 60+ hours helps. I would recommend this nozzle to any fire department looking for a new, light weight, easy to use foam nozzle.”
Matt Klein, Firefighter, Santa Paula Fire Department, California

“The Madd Dog is the best performing, most versatile, and cost effective multi-expansion foam nozzle on the market today.”
Clarence Grady; Bat. Chief Polk County, OR, ret.

“The Madd Dog outperforms the competition in cost, performance and dependability.”
Ron Rochna; BLM Foam Coordinator, ret.

“The Madd Dog is the best foam nozzle I’ve ever used.”
Tom Patterson; Fire Management Officer

“At Summit Fire Dept we use the Madd Dog nozzle exclusively for all low x and mid x foam applications. The nozzle is small, light, virtually indestructible, and makes great aspirated foam.”
Keith Klassen, Captain Summit F.D.

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